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All About Me!!!Edit

Because everybody knows I'm so important.

Then again, if everybody knows, why am I writing this?

Me in a word: LANGUAGE. If I took part in a zombie apocolypse, I'd be moaning for analytical lexicons instead of brains. The problem: Low appreciation for language in my community. Also, I'm too cheap to buy any good materials myself.

Current conlang: Gledic (#2 because #1 was before I knew anything about language). Ge lingo acorst? Exactly. And 'lingo' actually is the accusative.

Like the LCS puts it: Forth lingwe!

Hints if you go anywhere in Athlanys: when you greet somebody, say 'aob [pronounced 'ow-b']' and clap twice. the Gledes or Hatans or whoever you're with will appreciate that you're not carrying a knife. Also, Gledic already has three words for 'please' (the verb, not the interjection). keep that in mind, and watch your step.

My favorite pagesEdit


I crack myself up.

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